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Welcome to My Nightmare

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on September 14, 2010 by TJ

Hello world. Welcome to my journey down the dark side of the DC universe and the depths of Hell with the likes of Master Magician, chain-smoker, and wonderfully british curmudgeon, John Constantine.

A little bit about me and the intent of this Blog.

I am a comic fan (obviously) and a podcaster (co-host of the F BombCast). I have many quircks, almost too numerous to list, but one of my main ones is that I like to start things from the beginning. Imagine my friends’ surprise when they heard I picked up an issue of Hellblazer some months back when it is on Issue 260-something. The truth is I have always heard of this book, and even picked up an issue or two when I first started reading comics in the early 90s, but never fully got engrossed by it. But one thing kept dragging me back to try it again and again: Constantine’s Attitude (hence the name of the blog.) This last time it stuck and i have been buying it ever since. Due to the completist nature within me (and I believe this is a trait of most comic fanboys and girls), I needed to go back to the beginning.

The hoarder in me awoke as I started to compile back issues of Hellblazer, yet not reading them. I had it in my head that I wanted to get them all before I started so a long box was started and I now have 196 of the almost 270 issues of this fantastic Mature Readers series. Not bad for only about 6 months of collecting.

I kept meaning to start but never did, but now, with the help of your urging dear readers, I plan to commence my decent into the underworld that is Hellblazer.

The plan is at least an issue a week, with visual reference and scans to help the review along. Thank you for taking a look, and I hope you enjoy.


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